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Build Progress + a Convention

From dream to reality, a haunt building is blooming in tiny Bladensburg, Ohio. We took delivery a week and a half ago of our ‘post frame kit’. That following Saturday evening we hired an Amazing Amish carpenter/construction contractor to be our foreman ‘Dan’ – most labor to be provided by us, under Dan’s direction. Every […]

The Evolution of a Haunter

People will surprise you. When you’re starting a haunted house and you need everything from the ground up, sometimes it’s the most unexpected people that step in to help. They do a little construction work, or a little detail work, or they make something totally jaw dropping that you had no idea they were capable […]

On Creating Sets and Zombies

Theme? What theme? Our set designer is hard at work creating some truly amazing stuff on the fly. Our founder, gotta love her, and he and his wife have had their heads together for days, trying hard to come up with things that will scare the pants off of people in a 16,000 square foot […]