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Let the Haunting Begin…

Our new building is now standing, structurally sound and completely wired for power. All that remains is for AEP to come out and hook us up. We’re working on that. Not too scary looking in the twilight, from outside, is it? Ah, but the fun is just beginning! The day after it was standing, finished, […]

Making Something From Nothing

For Hagan’s House of Horrors, 2015 edition, we’re working with a very talented man, Rich, who, in the past, designed an entire haunt out in the middle of nowhere just for his five grandchildren to walk through. He did it just for fun. Now he (with a very able assist from his wife Echo) is […]

On Creating Sets and Zombies

Theme? What theme? Our set designer is hard at work creating some truly amazing stuff on the fly. Our founder, gotta love her, and he and his wife have had their heads together for days, trying hard to come up with things that will scare the pants off of people in a 16,000 square foot […]