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Opening Night is Saturday, October 1st

It’s finally here! The all new for 2016, Hagan’s House of Horrors goes live, this Saturday night, October 1st. We’re ready; are you? We’ve got all new sets, a tighter design and a full slate of actors that can’t wait to scare you. Additionally, with your help, we’re supporting some great causes this year. Each Saturday […]

Let the Haunting Begin…

Our new building is now standing, structurally sound and completely wired for power. All that remains is for AEP to come out and hook us up. We’re working on that. Not too scary looking in the twilight, from outside, is it? Ah, but the fun is just beginning! The day after it was standing, finished, […]

Build Progress + a Convention

From dream to reality, a haunt building is blooming in tiny Bladensburg, Ohio. We took delivery a week and a half ago of our ‘post frame kit’. That following Saturday evening we hired an Amazing Amish carpenter/construction contractor to be our foreman ‘Dan’ – most labor to be provided by us, under Dan’s direction. Every […]

Haunt Building Update

It’s here! It’s been a busy week for Hagan’s House of Horrors. Mid-week last week we had AEP out to talk to take a look at what running electrical service to our new building was going to cost us. We were relieved when that quote came back at about a third of what was estimated. […]

The Haunt is SO On!

If you haven’t seen or heard by now, you must be hanging out under a rock somewhere… We wanted to do Friday the 13th and the full moon that came along with it up in a big way. What did we do? We bought a building to be our permanent haunted house home. No, not […]

New Building Kickstarter Campaign to Go Live Monday 4/4/16

We’ve been working hard here at Hagan’s House of Horrors to put together the Kickstarter campaign we mentioned in our last post to fund the building of an all new home for the haunt. It’s finally all set to go. We’ve decided to take it live this coming Monday, April 4th, 2016. Conventional wisdom says to […]

A New Birth for Old Horror

Spring has officially sprung in central Ohio. With it, our thoughts turn to creating this year’s haunt and making it bigger and better than ever. There’s only one problem with that. We’re currently without a home to haunt. Two and a half years ago, our family took their tradition of creating annual haunted trails and/or […]

Haunted Houses and Christians

Hagan’s House of Horrors is a family owned and operated haunted attraction. A great deal of our local family participated in the build of this year’s haunted house and all of them, other family members and many of our friends and neighbors worked together to operate the haunt on Friday and Saturday nights. All of […]

Halloween Weekend Advice

It’s finally here; Halloween weekend! If you’re as excited as we are then we’d venture to say that you’re pretty excited. We’re planning to rock Knox and Licking counties this weekend and we hope to see you here so you can tell us how we did. Tonight, if you haven’t heard is the ‘Half Time, […]

The Evolution of a Haunter

People will surprise you. When you’re starting a haunted house and you need everything from the ground up, sometimes it’s the most unexpected people that step in to help. They do a little construction work, or a little detail work, or they make something totally jaw dropping that you had no idea they were capable […]