Founded in August of 2015, Hagan’s House of Horrors, LLC is a family owned and operated haunted house located in the village of Bladensburg, Ohio. Stacy Hagans is the principal owner, founder and CEO. Michelle Hagans is a founding member, owner and the CFO. Richard ‘Rich’ Casteel is also a founding member, owner and the Hauntmaster.

Multiple additional Hagans’ family members, extended family members and friends are involved in the seasonal operations of the haunt from from acting to maintenance and from concessions to security.

Stacy Hagans, CEO

Stacy Hagans, CEO

Michelle Hagans, CFO

Michelle Hagans, CFO

Rich Casteel, founding member of Hagans House of Horrors and Hauntmaster

Rich Casteel, Hauntmaster


Hagan’s House of Horrors (the apostrophe is correct in the official business name), used leased space for the 2015 Halloween season. The company headquarters is located at 26024 New Guilford Road, Bladensburg, Ohio 43005. The haunt itself will be co-located on the back lot of that site after construction in late spring of 2016.

The mailing address is: Hagan’s House of Horrors, PO Box 13, Bladensburg, OH 43005-0013

Press Point of Contact:

Michelle Hagans, CFO

Phone: 740-791-4026

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April 13th, 2016