Toys for Tots Drive

This Saturday night is the second of four big benefit nights we’re sponsoring this Halloween season. This week, we’re collecting new, unwrapped toys for the Marine Corps Reserve, Toys for Tots (sm/tm) annual campaign. If you show up here with a new toy, we’ll give you two dollars off your already low priced ticket. You can get your scare on and a needy child gets something new to play with this Christmas.

Toys For Tots Logo

Our ticket office opens at 7:30 PM. The doors open at 8:00. We sell tickets until 11:00 PM (unless there’s a line…then we keep selling them). Everyone with a ticket will get in to see the show.

Come on out, get your scare on and support a very worthwhile cause. Get here early and you won’t have to wait too long!

P.S. If you’re too scared to go through, your donation will be glad accepted and passed along to the Marines and we won’t tell them how big of a wuss you are…just how very generous!

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BVFD Benefit Night

Tonight is the first of four benefit nights we’re sponsoring this Halloween season. One dollar from every $10.00 ticket purchased tonight goes to the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD). The ticket office opens at 7:30 PM. The doors open at 8:00. We sell tickets until 11:00 PM (unless there’s a line…then we keep selling them). Everyone with a ticket will get in to see the show.

BVFD Logo PatchCome on out, get your scare on and support a very worthwhile cause. Get here early and you won’t have to wait too long!

P.S. If you’re too scared to go through, your donation will be glad accepted and passed along to the BVFD and we won’t tell!


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Opening Night is Saturday, October 1st

It’s finally here! The all new for 2016, Hagan’s House of Horrors goes live, this Saturday night, October 1st. We’re ready; are you?

We’ve got all new sets, a tighter design and a full slate of actors that can’t wait to scare you. Additionally, with your help, we’re supporting some great causes this year. Each Saturday night of the haunt, beginning October 8th, we’ll be giving back to local community organizations like the Volunteer Fire Department (the 8th), the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program (October 15th), a local food pantry for their holiday basket program (October 22nd) and to the annual Bladensburg Christmas lighting and parade committee (October 29th).

Hagans House of HorrorsPlease Note: We’re not at the Route 62 MX Park this year; the space we leased for the 2015 season. We’ve built ourselves a brand new home from the ground up – one we can expand upon for years to come. You’ll find us behind some houses (on property we own) at 26024 New Guilford Road, Bladensburg, Ohio 43005.

If you’re putting us in your GPS, force it to take the 43005 zip code. This is an unincorporated little village. Your GPS might keep switching you to the 43080 zip code for Utica, a larger village 7 miles from us along the state route. Coming East on 62 out of Utica, stay straight when you hit the one traffic light in the village of Martinsburg. You’ll be continuing onto SR 541. We’ll be less than 4 miles ahead on SR 541 on your right. If you’re coming from the west on 541, you’ll cross the Rainbow Bridge (you’ll know it when you see it) and we’ll be on your left. Look for the lighted Hagan’s House of Horrors sign and then for parking.

Parking is free. There’s some right around the haunt and also just off street in the village. It’s all first come, first served. On a nice but busy night, you can park at the old Bladensburg school on the western end of the village and walk the 1/8th of a mile down to us or you can park in the small lots that village merchants provide (the store closes at 6:00 PM) that are closer, space available. Please don’t block anyone in.

If you park at Shellie’s Shack, the local pizza shop, please park in the large lot in the rear. Please leave the parking in front for Shellie’s dine in and carryout customers. Thank you! 

You can buy tickets at the door or online, in advance. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  The ticket window opens at 7:30. Buy tickets there or get your online tickets scanned there. The doors open promptly at 8:00 PM. The last tickets sold at the window or online are at 11:00 PM. If you’re in line at 11:00, with tickets (pre-paid or bought on site), you will get to see the show.

Hagans House of Horrors Ad


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Let the Haunting Begin…

Our new building is now standing, structurally sound and completely wired for power. All that remains is for AEP to come out and hook us up. We’re working on that.

Hagan's House of HorrorsNot too scary looking in the twilight, from outside, is it? Ah, but the fun is just beginning! The day after it was standing, finished, our founder was supposed to be taking a much needed day off. Instead, she worked on this… Blackout Maze 2016It’s the beginning structure for our ‘Blackout Maze’, 2016 version. It won’t be a dual maze this year like it was last year. Instead, we have some other new ‘attractions’ to scare you through but it wouldn’t be Hagan’s House of Horrors without a totally dark, creepy place to make you find your way through for part of your adventure, now would it?

We’ll be opening on Saturday, October 1st. We’ve got a lot of great ideas going forward so we’ve got our work cut out for us between now and then, just 13 weeks away. Watch this space for the occasional photo and video sneak peak from the haunt as we design our sets!

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Build Progress + a Convention

From dream to reality, a haunt building is blooming in tiny Bladensburg, Ohio.

Building at End of Day 4We took delivery a week and a half ago of our ‘post frame kit’. That following Saturday evening we hired an Amazing Amish carpenter/construction contractor to be our foreman ‘Dan’ – most labor to be provided by us, under Dan’s direction. Every single one of us, Dan included has a day job. We began working evenings starting Tuesday with the drilling of holes for posts. After 15 hours or thereabout of labor, Tuesday through Friday, this is where we shut it down for the week (due to prior Saturday commitments for everyone).

Friends and neighbors are amazed that we progressed as far as we did working only a few hours a night over 4 days. We owe a lot to Dan’s guidance and a whole lot to all of the friends and family that have come out in droves to help. Stacy’s dream is coming alive!

Haunt Convention 6-11Ideally, we’d have worked Saturday too but, 1. everyone really needed a break and 2. Stacy, Michelle, Rich and Echo had prior commitments. Stacy and Michelle had tickets for the annual Midwest Haunter’s Convention trade show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Even though they were beat from a long week, especially Stacy, they got up early Saturday and headed to Columbus.

They got to the show and got checked in, in time for the ‘burned zombie‘ makeup class given by Bobbie Weiner, of Bobbie Weiner Enertainment, LLC also known as BloodyMary Professional Hollywood Makeup. Bobbie, if you’re not familiar, is the #1 camo makeup supplier to the U.S. military, was the makeup artist responsible for the dead and frozen floating bodies in the blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’, is the maker of kits for ‘The Walking Dead’ fans and she’s also an internationally known for the comic books licensed under her trademarked nickname, BloodyMary to world renowned graphic artist, Garth Ennis (Hellblazer, Hitman, Punisher, Preacher, Pride and Joy and War Stories).

Stacy did Michelle’s makeup as you see in the picture. They didn’t win any prizes, being up against the professional make-up artists in the room and all, but they learned a lot, had fun and  scared the daylights out of a young cashier at the New Albany Dairy Queen where they stopped to grab lunch on their way home…They’re sorry!


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Haunt Building Update

It’s here!

It’s been a busy week for Hagan’s House of Horrors. Mid-week last week we had AEP out to talk to take a look at what running electrical service to our new building was going to cost us. We were relieved when that quote came back at about a third of what was estimated. We were advised though that we needed to remove a tree that was already interfering with power lines and that would be completely in the way one we were ready to run lines to the building.

Asian Pear TreeThis is the beauty in the process of coming down. There’s another much scruffier tree of unknown breed growing where only weeds currently grow that’s going to have to come down too. That one is all but dead and, were it better placed to where the haunt is going in, we would leave it. It has great ‘character’. Bull Dozing for Our Haunt

We’ve been watching for the past week as more and more of the parts for our building were reported as received by the vendor. We admit to getting a little anxious when we saw we were only waiting for one more thing and yet the guy we’d contracted with to bring his bulldozer out and level for us hadn’t made it to us. Thankfully, he came by on Tuesday, the 31st and in two hours, we went from have land that had major slope and leveling issues to land that’s very useful for what we intend.

Good thing he showed up when he did! On Wednesday, June 1st, we took delivery of our building kit. We have a few hundred pieces parts now staged and ready for assembly and a few thousand screws to do it with. Now all that we need is a crew…er, a foreman that knows what he or she is doing who can set posts and trusses and make sure it’s square. We have plenty of willing and able fresh young backs to help us but no one’s ever put up a building of this size before. We have a quote that about gave us heart failure from a guy we worked with in the past. Now we’re waiting on a couple more.

060116 B1 060116 B4 060116 B5

We’re very excited to start the construction phase and we hope that will begin next week or next weekend. By the end of June, we’d like to see electrical service completely up and running. After that, in the heat of our crazy Ohio summers, we’ll be building out your haunted nightmare.

Watch this space and come on down during construction to check it all out. Once the doors are on though and we begin actual haunted house design and set up, no meddling kids – or adults – allowed until October when the haunt is on!



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The Haunt is SO On!

If you haven’t seen or heard by now, you must be hanging out under a rock somewhere…

We wanted to do Friday the 13th and the full moon that came along with it up in a big way. What did we do? We bought a building to be our permanent haunted house home.

Building PurchaseNo, not the building Stacy’s standing in front of in the picture! That would have been amazing but it would be way, way out of our price range…but, we did buy it there. We bought a 36′ x 72′ post frame kit from the Menards store in Reynoldsburg, Ohio yesterday. We take delivery in 2-4 weeks, once they have all the pieces parts. Then the real fun begins…(not)…assembly.

The real fun actually starts once it’s standing and electrified – haunt construction! We expect to have the building standing no later than the end of June, giving us three full months, plus, to construct the haunt of your nightmares. Pretty cool, eh?

For those of you keeping score at home, The building size is smaller than we intended. If you recall, we originally planned a 40′ x 120′ structure. That size would have fit nicely onto our property but it isn’t financially feasible for us to purchase and build out if we want to have a haunt open for you this year. We begged, borrowed, scrimped and saved to get this building. We’re planning temporary covered waiting for now and, with some profits earned this year reinvested, a permanent covered extension for waiting and maybe even a second building addition. That last part depends on getting lots of you and your friends out here for the 2016 season so we can scare the pants off of you.

If you’re willing to help with construction, once this kit arrives, please let us know. We can’t pay you for your labor but it will be a good time with great people who want to see this project through and we will feed you.

From all of us at Hagan’s House of Horrors to all of you who donated or helped in any other way whatsoever to make this purchase happen, we thank you!



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We Now Have a Corporate Sponsor!

Hagan’s House of Horrors LLC is very excited to announce the commitment of a pair of corporate sponsors to support our haunt operations through December of 2017. We’d like to welcome aboard Indian Bear Lodge and Indian Bear Winery, both of Walhonding, Ohio. We’ll be working with them on a combined branding campaign going forward.

Indian Bear Lodge LogoThe funding commitments made by the Indian Bear entities will commence in late May due to other corporate obligations the two companies currently have. As such, funding will not be available to Hagan’s House of Horrors until a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign we were running was scheduled to end on May 3rd. We have, at this time, decided to curtail the campaign since our funding goal would not be met in the 4.5 days of the campaign that remained. Construction will commence in mid to late June…and even sooner if all the stars align like we hope they will…

Indian Bear Winery LogoWe’d like to thank everyone that pledged to the online campaign and everyone who has given cash based funds to one of our donors to contribute to the campaign on their behalf. There are several more of you out there than the 20 donors that the online Kickstarter tracking indicated. Just so you know, we’re counting those cash donations toward our building funding and you’ll certainly get your rewards.

For those of you that pledged on Kickstarter directly, we’re personally familiar with 16 of you. If you’d still like to help out, we could certainly use the funds that you’ve pledged and we’ll be more than happy – thrilled – to honor your chosen reward level as well. Had this gone according to plan, we owed out a lot of tickets, stickers, T-shirts, tours and acting opportunities. We still want to give those things to you, all of them, if you want them. We’ll be reaching out to everyone but, please, if you don’t hear from us in the next week or so and you do want to contribute and get your rewards, get in touch with us.

From all of us at Hagan’s House of Horrors, thank you very much for your support. It’s been our pleasure to work with you and we look forward to scaring the pants off of you during the 2016 Halloween season and beyond!

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Sponsor a Haunt? Are You Crazy?

We’re going to lapse into corporate speak for just a moment; we’d like to establish a a reciprocal relationship with another business that will have far reaching mutual benefits for us both. Okay, okay; that’s enough of the double talk!

We’re looking for a sponsor. Ideally, that sponsor would be a business, a group, a club or some other entity (besides an individual person but, hey, that could work too) who is looking for some advertising  to include things like mentions on this site, on our Facebook page, on our shirts, on our signage, on the haunt, on our tickets, during special events, in all of our print, online and radio advertising, etc. and for any other benefits we can cook up in turn for a little cold, hard cash in the form of a rather large pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. We need money. You need promotion. Can we work out a deal?

For example, if we were to add your sponsorship to our Facebook header, here’s how it might look:

Kickstarting Horror-FB-Sponsor


That black space on the bottom left is where Facebook superimposes our logo…nothing we can do about that but the rest of the header banner is fluid. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that will get you noticed.

Yes, it might be a little weird – at first – aligning your company with a haunted house. Yes, we only advertise heavily 6 weeks out of the year. Consider this though; for a one time donation to help us build a haunt to call home, whatever slogan or image or combination of both or anything else you want to promote can be on all of the following for life:

  1. On the building itself – to be seen throughout October and any time we have special haunt events (Birthdays, Weddings – yes, really, Friday the 13th, ‘Love Bites, etc.)
  2. On all the Hagan’s House of Horrors t-shirts we all wear all of the time
  3. On all of the t-shirts we sell to our guests that they wear year round
  4. On billboards, yard signs, banners, decals, flyers and so on
  5. Prominently positioned on this website which gets hits consistently from September through November and year round when we post (and we’ll show you the stats)
  6. On our Facebook Page which grows in likes, viewers and traffic daily (and we’ll show you those stats too)
  7. On the back of every haunt ticket a patron holds in his or her hand
  8. And so on!

We’re convinced there are other ways we could help you and we’re just as convinced you can think of several yourself that we haven’t even come close to dreaming up. Bottom line, if a sponsorship of our business sounds right for your business, lets talk. Please get in touch with us and we’ll meet at your convenience.

Thank you for your support!

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Buddy, Can You Spare Five Bucks?

We need a little help…just a little. Can you spare $5.00?

Yes, We’re begging. We really want to have a great haunt for you to visit this year and, in the case of our family and friends that help out, a great haunt for them to work in and even earn a paycheck. No volunteers this year. We intend to pay them. Going forward, the building will be available for other haunt events throughout the year, haunt themed birthdays, weddings, private parties, and so on. All of that with a staff of paid employees.

Our Founder

Our Founder, Stacy Hagans, ready for a night of haunting (2015 Haunt)

We can’t do any of that unless we can get a building built. We saved and borrowed half the money we needed ourselves – more than $7,000. We’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the rest. It’s going very slowly with not quite $350 raised in pledges as of this writing.

We need lots of people to jump in and pledge what they can toward the building fund. Every dollar helps. A $5.00 contribution from 240 people or so, that haven’t already given, would push us over the 20% hump many backers like to see before they come in and back what they deem to be worthwhile projects. More is always great, but a whole lot of people giving just $5.00 works too.

This isn’t just about a building. It’s about people. It’s about jobs. It’s about a small community. It’s about fun. We could go on all day, but you get the idea.

If you can help, please go to Kickstarter and contribute whatever you can spare. You won’t actually be charged until the project ends on May 4th, if and only if we’re fully funded at $7,900. We’re a long way from there but every last dollar helps.

From Stacy and all of us at Hagan’s House of Horrors, thank you!

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