Let the Haunting Begin…

Our new building is now standing, structurally sound and completely wired for power. All that remains is for AEP to come out and hook us up. We’re working on that.

Hagan's House of HorrorsNot too scary looking in the twilight, from outside, is it? Ah, but the fun is just beginning! The day after it was standing, finished, our founder was supposed to be taking a much needed day off. Instead, she worked on this… Blackout Maze 2016It’s the beginning structure for our ‘Blackout Maze’, 2016 version. It won’t be a dual maze this year like it was last year. Instead, we have some other new ‘attractions’ to scare you through but it wouldn’t be Hagan’s House of Horrors without a totally dark, creepy place to make you find your way through for part of your adventure, now would it?

We’ll be opening on Saturday, October 1st. We’ve got a lot of great ideas going forward so we’ve got our work cut out for us between now and then, just 13 weeks away. Watch this space for the occasional photo and video sneak peak from the haunt as we design our sets!

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