Haunt Building Update

It’s here!

It’s been a busy week for Hagan’s House of Horrors. Mid-week last week we had AEP out to talk to take a look at what running electrical service to our new building was going to cost us. We were relieved when that quote came back at about a third of what was estimated. We were advised though that we needed to remove a tree that was already interfering with power lines and that would be completely in the way one we were ready to run lines to the building.

Asian Pear TreeThis is the beauty in the process of coming down. There’s another much scruffier tree of unknown breed growing where only weeds currently grow that’s going to have to come down too. That one is all but dead and, were it better placed to where the haunt is going in, we would leave it. It has great ‘character’. Bull Dozing for Our Haunt

We’ve been watching for the past week as more and more of the parts for our building were reported as received by the vendor. We admit to getting a little anxious when we saw we were only waiting for one more thing and yet the guy we’d contracted with to bring his bulldozer out and level for us hadn’t made it to us. Thankfully, he came by on Tuesday, the 31st and in two hours, we went from have land that had major slope and leveling issues to land that’s very useful for what we intend.

Good thing he showed up when he did! On Wednesday, June 1st, we took delivery of our building kit. We have a few hundred pieces parts now staged and ready for assembly and a few thousand screws to do it with. Now all that we need is a crew…er, a foreman that knows what he or she is doing who can set posts and trusses and make sure it’s square. We have plenty of willing and able fresh young backs to help us but no one’s ever put up a building of this size before. We have a quote that about gave us heart failure from a guy we worked with in the past. Now we’re waiting on a couple more.

060116 B1 060116 B4 060116 B5

We’re very excited to start the construction phase and we hope that will begin next week or next weekend. By the end of June, we’d like to see electrical service completely up and running. After that, in the heat of our crazy Ohio summers, we’ll be building out your haunted nightmare.

Watch this space and come on down during construction to check it all out. Once the doors are on though and we begin actual haunted house design and set up, no meddling kids – or adults – allowed until October when the haunt is on!



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