Build Progress + a Convention

From dream to reality, a haunt building is blooming in tiny Bladensburg, Ohio.

Building at End of Day 4We took delivery a week and a half ago of our ‘post frame kit’. That following Saturday evening we hired an Amazing Amish carpenter/construction contractor to be our foreman ‘Dan’ – most labor to be provided by us, under Dan’s direction. Every single one of us, Dan included has a day job. We began working evenings starting Tuesday with the drilling of holes for posts. After 15 hours or thereabout of labor, Tuesday through Friday, this is where we shut it down for the week (due to prior Saturday commitments for everyone).

Friends and neighbors are amazed that we progressed as far as we did working only a few hours a night over 4 days. We owe a lot to Dan’s guidance and a whole lot to all of the friends and family that have come out in droves to help. Stacy’s dream is coming alive!

Haunt Convention 6-11Ideally, we’d have worked Saturday too but, 1. everyone really needed a break and 2. Stacy, Michelle, Rich and Echo had prior commitments. Stacy and Michelle had tickets for the annual Midwest Haunter’s Convention trade show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Even though they were beat from a long week, especially Stacy, they got up early Saturday and headed to Columbus.

They got to the show and got checked in, in time for the ‘burned zombie‘ makeup class given by Bobbie Weiner, of Bobbie Weiner Enertainment, LLC also known as BloodyMary Professional Hollywood Makeup. Bobbie, if you’re not familiar, is the #1 camo makeup supplier to the U.S. military, was the makeup artist responsible for the dead and frozen floating bodies in the blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’, is the maker of kits for ‘The Walking Dead’ fans and she’s also an internationally known for the comic books licensed under her trademarked nickname, BloodyMary to world renowned graphic artist, Garth Ennis (Hellblazer, Hitman, Punisher, Preacher, Pride and Joy and War Stories).

Stacy did Michelle’s makeup as you see in the picture. They didn’t win any prizes, being up against the professional make-up artists in the room and all, but they learned a lot, had fun and  scared the daylights out of a young cashier at the New Albany Dairy Queen where they stopped to grab lunch on their way home…They’re sorry!


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