Sponsor a Haunt? Are You Crazy?

We’re going to lapse into corporate speak for just a moment; we’d like to establish a a reciprocal relationship with another business that will have far reaching mutual benefits for us both. Okay, okay; that’s enough of the double talk!

We’re looking for a sponsor. Ideally, that sponsor would be a business, a group, a club or some other entity (besides an individual person but, hey, that could work too) who is looking for some advertising  to include things like mentions on this site, on our Facebook page, on our shirts, on our signage, on the haunt, on our tickets, during special events, in all of our print, online and radio advertising, etc. and for any other benefits we can cook up in turn for a little cold, hard cash in the form of a rather large pledge to our Kickstarter campaign. We need money. You need promotion. Can we work out a deal?

For example, if we were to add your sponsorship to our Facebook header, here’s how it might look:

Kickstarting Horror-FB-Sponsor


That black space on the bottom left is where Facebook superimposes our logo…nothing we can do about that but the rest of the header banner is fluid. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that will get you noticed.

Yes, it might be a little weird – at first – aligning your company with a haunted house. Yes, we only advertise heavily 6 weeks out of the year. Consider this though; for a one time donation to help us build a haunt to call home, whatever slogan or image or combination of both or anything else you want to promote can be on all of the following for life:

  1. On the building itself – to be seen throughout October and any time we have special haunt events (Birthdays, Weddings – yes, really, Friday the 13th, ‘Love Bites, etc.)
  2. On all the Hagan’s House of Horrors t-shirts we all wear all of the time
  3. On all of the t-shirts we sell to our guests that they wear year round
  4. On billboards, yard signs, banners, decals, flyers and so on
  5. Prominently positioned on this website which gets hits consistently from September through November and year round when we post (and we’ll show you the stats)
  6. On our Facebook Page which grows in likes, viewers and traffic daily (and we’ll show you those stats too)
  7. On the back of every haunt ticket a patron holds in his or her hand
  8. And so on!

We’re convinced there are other ways we could help you and we’re just as convinced you can think of several yourself that we haven’t even come close to dreaming up. Bottom line, if a sponsorship of our business sounds right for your business, lets talk. Please get in touch with us and we’ll meet at your convenience.

Thank you for your support!

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