We Now Have a Corporate Sponsor!

Hagan’s House of Horrors LLC is very excited to announce the commitment of a pair of corporate sponsors to support our haunt operations through December of 2017. We’d like to welcome aboard Indian Bear Lodge and Indian Bear Winery, both of Walhonding, Ohio. We’ll be working with them on a combined branding campaign going forward.

Indian Bear Lodge LogoThe funding commitments made by the Indian Bear entities will commence in late May due to other corporate obligations the two companies currently have. As such, funding will not be available to Hagan’s House of Horrors until a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign we were running was scheduled to end on May 3rd. We have, at this time, decided to curtail the campaign since our funding goal would not be met in the 4.5 days of the campaign that remained. Construction will commence in mid to late June…and even sooner if all the stars align like we hope they will…

Indian Bear Winery LogoWe’d like to thank everyone that pledged to the online campaign and everyone who has given cash based funds to one of our donors to contribute to the campaign on their behalf. There are several more of you out there than the 20 donors that the online Kickstarter tracking indicated. Just so you know, we’re counting those cash donations toward our building funding and you’ll certainly get your rewards.

For those of you that pledged on Kickstarter directly, we’re personally familiar with 16 of you. If you’d still like to help out, we could certainly use the funds that you’ve pledged and we’ll be more than happy – thrilled – to honor your chosen reward level as well. Had this gone according to plan, we owed out a lot of tickets, stickers, T-shirts, tours and acting opportunities. We still want to give those things to you, all of them, if you want them. We’ll be reaching out to everyone but, please, if you don’t hear from us in the next week or so and you do want to contribute and get your rewards, get in touch with us.

From all of us at Hagan’s House of Horrors, thank you very much for your support. It’s been our pleasure to work with you and we look forward to scaring the pants off of you during the 2016 Halloween season and beyond!

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